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Choose traffic signs in three durable finishes:

RA Type I Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting on .080 Aluminum Road Signs (For parking signs, handicapped signs, etc.)-
This material will reflect at night when light hits it.  These street signs are .080" thick with an engineer grade reflective sheeting applied over the surface.  These signs will never rust and have an average lifespan of 7 years. 

HIA Type III Prismatic High Intensity Reflective Sheeting on .080 Aluminum Road Signs (For any traffic control or street name sign, i.e. stop signs, speed limit signs, warning signs, etc.)-
This prismatic lens material will reflect at night when light hits it. These street signs are ten times more reflective than engineer grade.  These signs are .080" thick with high intensity sheeting applied over the surface.  They will never rust and have an average life span of 7 years.  These meet most state and federal DOT specification.

DG Type XI Diamond Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting on .080 Aluminum Road Signs -
This material will highly reflect at night when light hits this road sign.  These street signs are .080" thick with prismatic reflective or fluorescent sheeting applied over surface.  These street signs will never rust and have an average life span of 10 years on yellow/green.  These street signs meet most state and federal DOT specifications.

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Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - Traffic Signs  Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices - Traffic Signs

State Dept of Transportation Websites

U.S. Department of Transportation  U.S. Department of Transportation

Transportation & Highway Related Websites

The Federal Government Now Requires Traffic Signs To Meet Minimum Reflectivity Standards
The FHWA expects that the reflectivity levels and maintenance methods will help to promote safety and mobility on the nation's streets and highways. In January 2008, the Federal Government ruled that Type 1 (Engineer Grade) sheeting is not to be used on many standard MUTCD traffic signs. The ruling is slightly confusing in that Type 1 will meet the standards on some signs and on hundreds of other signs it will not. Below are two examples of this.

Type 1 DOES NOT meet the standards for a black on yellow curve sign.
Type 1 DOES meet the standards for a black on white sign Street name signs are also required to be more reflective and larger in size in order to meet the new standards.

For street signs you would need HIA Type III Prismatic High Intensity.

Because of the complexity of these new specifications, CheapStreetSigns.com suggests the following guidelines in order to simplify the new rule.

-If it is a parking control sign (No Parking, Disabled, Parking, etc) we suggest using Type 1 reflective

-If the sign directs traffic (One Way, Dead End, etc) we suggest moving up to a Prismatic High Intensity Type III or higher reflective sign. 

This Ruling Also Impacts Traffic Signs on Private Property.  All roads and parking areas open to public traffic are also subject to these new standards. Included are shopping areas, apartment complexes, office buildings, sports facilities, etc. All signs in these areas need to be mounted to the proper height (typically 7 ft to the bottom of the sign) and meet appropriate MUTCD reflective standards.

Click Here to visit the FHWA website for complete details and minimum reflectivity tables for
road signs

Limit Exposure To Tort Liability
Now that this regulation has been passed, if someone is injured or loses their life in an area where the traffic signs do not meet Federal standards, there will be a huge exposure to tort liability.

- Type I, II and III white sheeting should not be used on overhead guide signs (white on green) - Type I sheeting should not be used on warning signs (black on yellow/orange).
- Replacement of regulatory, warning, and ground-mounted guide (except street name) within seven years of effective date.
- Replacement of street name signs and overhead guide within ten years of effective date.
- Implementation and continued use of an assessment or management method that is designed to maintain traffic sign retro-reflectivity at or above the established minimum levels within four years of effective date.

Road Signs In The News...                   

All-Seeing Car Reads Road Signs For You                 
By Matthew Phenix                                

As cars become smarter than the people driving them and do more of the things humans should be doing for themselves —
checking blind spots, watching for lane departures, anticipating collisions — it was only a matter of time before a car started
reading road signs.

The "Traffic Sign Recognition and Lane Departure Warning" system available early next year on General Motors' new Euro-
only Opel scans the road ahead at 30 frames per second to read road signs and tell you when you're wandering from your

The most innovative aspect of the system is the road sign recognition processor, which can read road signs as far as 100
meters away.

The system uses two processors and a camera -- called, appropriately, the Front Camera System -- mounted near the rear-
view mirror. One processor identifies familiar shapes, symbols and digits on common road signs and conveys the information to
the driver via a digital display in the gauge cluster. The other alerts the driver when he or she strays from the lane.

"These new features follow Opel's philosophy of enhancing driving excitement by assisting drivers without reducing their level of
says Hans Demant, managing director of GM Europe Engineering. "That means the system gives the drivers information,
but it doesn't intervene."

We're not entirely sure why GM thinks it's easier to read a speed limit sign on a tiny display between your speedometer and
tachometer than on a big road sign. Dement says "a car that can see and warn the driver well in advance of potential hazards is
another important step in our long-term accident prevention strategy.” GM Europe also is developing vehicle-to-vehicle
communication systems that allow cars to exchange information about their position and speed.

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